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I.Prayers addressed to Vishnu

II.Prayers addressed to Vishnu as Hari

III.Prayers addressed to Dasavatharas other than Rama and Krishna

IV.Prayers addressed to Vishnu as Lord Venkatesa

V.Prayers addressed to Rama

VI.Prayers addressed to Krishna

VII.Prayers addressed to Shiva

VIII.Prayers addressed to Goddess Parvathi

IX.Prayers addressed to Goddess Durga

X.Prayers addressed to Goddess Saraswathi

XI.Prayers addressed to Goddess Lakshmi

XII.Prayers addressed to Lord Ganesa

XIII.Prayers addressed to Lord Subrhamanya

XIV.Prayers addressed to Lord Ayyappa

XV.Prayers addressed to planets

XVI.Prayers addressed to holy rivers

XVII.Prayers addressed to Lord Anjaneya

XVIII.Philosophical prayers

XIX.Model daily prayer to all Hindus

XX.Vedic Hyms

XXI. Prayers to other Gods and General prayers

XXII. Parayana material

XXIII. Parayana material(Sundara Kandam)

XXIV. Parayana material(Narayaneeyam)

XXV. Parayana material(Thunjathu Ezhuthachan's Adhyathma Ramayanam)

XXVI. Parayana material(Valmiki Ramayanam)

XXVII. Parayana material(Kamba Ramayanam/Ramavatharam)